Osaka/Hotel Vicinity
Guide to Sightseeing Information

Osaka, City of Food.
Enjoy sightseeing while you eat or sightseeing that showcases Osaka’s unique culture.
We’ll give you information about this town, which is packed with all sorts of fun.

  • 道頓堀

    Approx. 10-minute walk from hotel


    Dotonbori is Osaka Minami’s leading shopping area and features the iconic Glico Man sign. Dotonbori also offers restaurants of a panoply of genres close by.


    Approx. 1-minute walk from hotel


    A shopping area that covers the district between Midosuji and the next avenue to the east. It includes the covered Shinsaibashi-suji shopping street and is the business district of Osaka City’s Chuo Ward.


    Approx. 16-minute drive from hotel

    Osaka Castle

    Osaka Castle has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 best castles. You can also enjoy flowers during all four seasons in Osaka Castle Park, where a variety of events are also held.


    Approx. 1-hour drive from hotel

    Shimoakasaka Terraced Paddy Fields

    Set in Osaka’s only village, Chihaya Akasaka Village, are scenic terraced rice fields. Selected in 1999 as one of Japan’s 100 scenic terraced rice fields, this area appeals to visitors looking for a nostalgic Japanese landscape.

    総本山 四天王寺

    Approx. 28 minutes by train from hotel

    Head Temple - Shitenno-ji

    Prince Shotoku founded this temple in 593 C.E., the first year of the reign of Empress Suiko. According to the Nihon-shoki, the images of the Four Heavenly Kings enshrined here were carved as a prayer for victory in the battle between Monobe no Moriya and Soga no Umako.


    Approx. 20 minutes by train from hotel


    Nakanoshima, a sand bank sandwiched between the Dojima and Tosabori Rivers, is an area with several government institutions, art museums, and commercial facilities.


    Approx. 17 minutes by train from hotel

    Tenjinbashi-suji Shopping Street

    Japan’s longest shopping street, which extends for a total length of 2.6 km from the Tenjin Bridge to Tenjinbashi 7-chome. This arcade’s approximately 600 stores include a variety of shops including Japanese-style delicatessens, clothing stores, and drugstores.


    Approx. 47 minutes by car from hotel

    Mino Waterfall

    Mino Waterfall is located in a section of Meiji-no-Mori Mino Quasi-National Park, has a height of about 33 meters, and has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 best waterfalls.
    We recommend taking a break and having lunch at the restaurants, which operate in traditional buildings, that line the “takimichi” walking trail that leads from Mino Station to the falls.


    Approx. 17 minutes by train from the hotel

    Kuromon Market

    Kuromon Market, known as Osaka’s Kitchen, is located adjacent to Namba, at the heart of Osaka Minami. Along with serving as a market of pro purveyors to the chefs of Osaka’s famed restaurants and eateries, Kuromon Market is also currently increasing in popularity among tourists from abroad, who come to sample the finest tuna, pufferfish, sea urchin, and shellfish.

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